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  1. stacey says:

    Wednesday morning, 5:30a.m., Arizona time.
    Hey Brett, hope you are seeing/feeling/experiencing all the wonders of being in the homeland of the Mayan people. Not only will YOU be doing good work for them, but THEY will fill YOU with lessons learned also. Soak it up!!!! We are thinking of you and praying for you from sunny Arizona. We love you! Mom and Brooke.

  2. Kathy Dykstra says:

    So glad you made it safely to Guatemala. Sounds like a short night of sleep, ( I know Justin is a snorer!!) By tonight you will be so tired, it won’t matter where you sleep!
    One of my prayers is that may you show the love of Jesus as you serve the Guatemalan people this week. Have fun with the kids and seeing the joy in their faces.
    One of your prayer warriors from Maurice Reformed

  3. brett says:

    Hey everybody,

    I have never blogged before and feel more like a caveman trying to figure this computer out than a compitent college student. Guatemala is so awesome!!! I had never expected to see pine trees in Central America, the scenery is beautiful. For the past two days we have been in the villiage of La Reina building housing units for the Mayan people in this region. They have treated us so nice, making us the best and most authentic eals EVER! The kids also like to climb on us and chase us down the road yelling “Dulces Dulces Dulces” which in the common tongue means candy.

    We had split up into four teams to tackle this progect. Yesterday we framed the houses and focused primarily on stucoing the exterior and setting up the front portch. We all got pretty sun burnt and nasty, but worked hard through it all and have nearly completed the housing units.

    This village site in the mountians in the shadow of two massive volcanoes to which one is dormant, and the other is active, errupting every 5 minutes as if clockwork. We were able to work under this for the past two days… AMAZING. I looked up once today and saw a giant plume of smoke and ash coming from the nearest (active) volcano and had to stop in awe and wonder. This is a normal thing for this mountain by the way, we are in no real danger.
    We have seen God’s love and felt his presence all around us and am so greatful for this opportunity.

    Thank you Kathy for supporting me and the rest of the team on this adventure fulfilling God’s call. This will be an experience that I will never forget! Vicki had given me your letter on the bus, and I wanted to say thank you so very much for all of the prayer support. We can all really feel His presence.

    Mom, Brooke, Tahoe: Wish you were all here to see the amazing sights, and eat some pretty amazing food. Ps… The coffee is amazing!!! And Banannas, kiwi, coconut, mango, you name it all grow right out in the open. Not that I have tried these foods as they belong to the local people and serve as a great natural food source in rough economic times, but it is such a wonderful and refreshing sight to see. Love you all!!!

  4. Kathy Dykstra says:

    Thanks for the update, Brett. God is so great!!! What did ya think of the tostada’s and veggies, I love the meals down there! I will be praying for the team as you go into dedication day tomorrow. You are truly at war for the souls of many. Stay strong in the Lord!

  5. Stacey says:

    Hi Brett. Glad you are enjoying the work, the sunburns, the Mayan people, the volcanoes, all of it!! It sounds great! Wish I were there with you. Continue to be amazed and enjoy yourself. Can’t wait to hear more from you. Love, Mom

  6. Kathy Dykstra says:

    Well, Brett. how was your first medical clinic? did your nursing help you out or were you privileged to play with the all the kiddos? It is amazing to be able to serve in both areas. Hopefully there were many lives changed because of your team. Continue to have the energy to serve another village tomorrow, and may you always be looking for ways to give to the staff as they give of themselves so much!
    Have a great day!

  7. Brett Leifson says:

    Havent had much of a chance to blog the last few days, but here is a recap. Two days ago we finished the housing units and had the community’s pastor bless the homes and the families that were coming to live there. There was great success with opening the doorway between their hearts and Jesus as many accepted Christ then and there. That day a few of us also had the oppoirtunity to go around house to house in the La Reina villiage and see the people who could not make it out to see a doctor. Vicki, Erin, Hannah, and myself (the nurses) made four house visits and encountered some intense need. However, i must say that their hospitality was supreme as they insisted we had a seat at every location and treated us with the highest of respect and gratitude.

    Yesterday at the first medical clinic that we went to (the other will be tonight) we set up shop and saw 83 families (mas o meno 250 personas). We saw a wide range of ailments to begin treating. Hannah and I were able to swaddle infants, assess adults, and get in on much of the discussion of how to treat these people with the local medical staff. I did not expect this, but almost everyone we had assessed was hypertensive.
    After the clinic we showed the Jesus video to the people who reluctantly all stayed around. Then we shared our testimony. Myself, Justin, and Jaime shared a little about ourselves. I stayed close to the topic of our Heveanly father never leaving our side and giving us strength when we are weak. There were many many many fatherless children there last night. I felt the calling to share a little about my story and my own father’s recent passing. These God’s mercy through Jesus’s sacrifice.

    I am having a great time and engaging in some amazing conversation with staff members and local Guatemalans. This experience has been one of the highlights of my life. Thank you for all the prayers and support!!!

  8. stacey says:

    Brett, so glad to hear about everything you are experiencing. Also very glad that you are getting to put your medical training to work. You were meant for this stuff!! Have a wonderful last two days there and we look forward to hearing more and seeing some photos. We love you lots! Mom and Brooke.

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