Adios Guatemala!

Hi Friends,
This post meets us in a bittersweet moment as it is the last one before we leave Guatemala. After building four houses, providing two full-blown medical clinics, presenting the gospel formally six times, and building countless relationships we find ourselves on our last night. Yesterday we headed up and around many mountains to provide our last medical clinic. It was much smaller than our first one yet rewarding eternally. Much soccer was played, dogs shooed away, and meds passed out but at the end of the day we had delight in knowing our Lord Jesus Christ’s name was honored and glorified. This morning we headed to Antigua for our somewhat “free” day. We walked around the markets, did our best at batering (some better than others), and enjoyed being in the presence of each other and God’s beauty in the form of this city. We had two van scares with each of the vans we were taking yet God was so faithful and we made it to all our destinations safe and sound. After meeting at the most incredible McDonald’s EVER we had the amazing opportunity to rejoin the community of La Reina, which we built houses for, in worship with their Sunday service. Many of us were incredibly moved by the Holy Spirit and the way God’s glory is worshipped through different cultures and generations. Once again tearful goodbyes were incredibly heart breaking but we hold on to the fact that they are in good hands, the hands of the Lord. Praise Jesus!
Everyone is now packing up and showering one last time before we have our last evening of devos. Be in prayer that our cups would be filled up for our return back to the culture many of us are now shocked to have come from. The transition will be a tough one as many of us are not coming back the same.. we ask for you patience, love, and listening ear when we return to understand better where we’ve come from and where we now see ourselves reconciling these two incredibly diverse cultures and lifestyles.
Logistically we will be leaving tomorrow morning at about 3am from the base.. yep, my thoughts exactly.. WAY TOO EARLY. Yet it is what it is. Please please please pray tonight for a safe journey to the airport, on our flights, through customs and immigration, out and about in the airport, and on our bus ride back to Orange City. Muchas gracias para todos los oraciones (Thank you very much for all the prayers)! Be prepared for us to return to the U.S. different from when we left 🙂

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